Quality medical services diminish hazards to staff on the austere job site. Safeguarding the health of the workforce is paramount in risk mitigation, even a simple car accident can become a catastrophic event in a third-world country where there will be a complete lack of medical infrastructures to support even the most basic of medical needs.

Assistance Activities

  1. Pre-Travel Medical Security Intelligence -
    Medical Security Intelligence assistance is a core function designed to enable the
    end-user to make sound judgments in protecting staff and assets.
  2. Emergent Medical Care & Evacuation -
    When there is a lack of quality emergent infrastructure at your destination, thru our joint ventures we will provide Emergency Trauma Capabilities for an out-of-country evacuation & in-flight emergent care en route to first-world facilities.
  3. In-country Assistance -
    We can facilitate on the ground host nation care in the event of an incident or provide our own in-country medical doctor assets for a host of support requirements.

Medical Services

  1. Certified Staffing – Supporting your mission requirements with: physician, nurse, Para-medic, Flight-medic, occupational & public health experts.
    • Austere Emergent Medical Capability –
      Thru our alliances our ability to come in and get you out is unsurpassed and creates a sense of ease when staff members are operating in locations without infrastructure. Our Operational Medical Specialists are all long
      course 18D US Special Operations Medics or US Naval IDC’s.
  2. Medical Training – From US Military to host nation occupational & public health requirements we provide a full spectrum of medical curriculums.
  3. Logistical Pipeline - Provision of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and medical consumables for remote site support.
  4. Occupational Health Assessments – Health Threat & Capabilities Assessment of host facility compliance to first world standards. Pandemic planning and response support. Jobsite Health Threat Assessments to identify critical health hazards and their remedial solutions.
  5. Consultation & Medical Programs Development - Develop and manage international health programs thru corporate, occupational, and public health mentorships

Aero-Medical Evacuative Services
Utilizing specialized medical aircraft (fixed wing and helicopter), PSG is insured to carry armed SOF medical attendants to the problem if need be. From Troops-In-Contact to a simple vehicle roll-over, day or night we can arrive on-scene and provide the best medical trauma care available.

Austere Environment Medical Support Capability