Executive Summary

PeregrineSecuritiesGroup, Inc. is a comprehensive security-consulting firm structured to deliver highly select personnel for; Operational Enhancement, Security Solutions, Maritime Security Operations, Austere Environment Medical Support, and Training Mentorship to government, non-government organizations and commercial clientele throughout the full spectrum of threat environs across the globe. Planning and supporting intricate operations in high-risk settings commands a full range of expertise and highly specialized resident support services. Our principles of Integrity, Execution, & Success are founded from operational tactics, techniques and experiences that have proven themselves successful within our nation’s borders and abroad fighting our nation’s enemies.

PeregrineTactical, LLC is our training division and instructional outreach for our customer base. Peregrine specialties are in support of all; US Government Agencies, Military SOF commands, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units, International Partners and Corporate affiliates by presenting a Special Operations Counter-Terrorism training capability that blends the threat of Global Terrorism, Terrorism Finance, Narcotics Trafficking, Improvised Explosive Devices, and WMD through lecturing and didactic field training exercises. Peregrine gains its operational expertise from across all of the branches of the US Special Operations community. Our proprietary Close Quarters Marksmanship program is a highly specialized and comprehensive Program of Instruction; it is the cornerstone for our company’s instructional platform. From Littoral Warfare, to Critical Incident Management with mass casualties or navigating IED laden pathways in the mountains of Afghanistan in support of a foreign government, Peregrine is the only choice in preparing your organization for today’s global threats.

On giving back, Corporate Social Responsibility not only means ethical business practices and conduct within ones industry, but also in a large part, giving directly back to ones surrounding community. As a company we strive along with our employees, to enrich the lives of the people we are called upon to serve. Community service, fundraising efforts and charitable contributions, allow the ‘giving back’, but more importantly good corporate social responsibility develops the necessary and long lasting relationships essential for building an all around safer world for our future generations.

We are proud to be able to continue to serve our country and her Allies in such a way. As the founder of this company, I can confidently say that the highest quality services you will ever receive will come from within our doors.

PeregrineSecuritiesGroup, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Corporation.

Erik L. Hansen