Maritime Security Operations & Enhancement

Providing efficient and safe transportation on maritime lines of communication is a critically important factor for stability in world economic markets. Our mentors comprise certified ISPS Code and MTSA auditors, certified Ship, Company, and Port Facility Security Officers, and individuals recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as subject matter experts. Combating piracy encompasses taking into consideration the public image and reputation of our client, the safety and welfare of crew & staff, politico-legal risk, potential financial outcomes, the rule-of-law for perpetrators and humanitarian concerns. Our maritime security professionals undertake internationally recognized curriculums to ensure full compliance with maritime security regulatory guidelines.
        • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
        • Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA)
        • International Port and Ship Security Code (ISPS Code)Seaport & Shipboard

Threat Vulnerability Assessments

Utilizing strategic tried and true methods to evaluate threats ensuring a safe voyage no matter the vessel size, cargo or destination. Our process will locate and secure all vulnerabilities while developing countermeasures specifically tailored for your platform.

Shipboard Force Protection

While traveling through high threat regions around the globe, each vessel must sustain a versatile, highly trained, and well structured team to maximize the percentages for success during each voyage. Peregrine provides unparalleled training; utilizing multi-facetted instructional criteria with in depth clarification producing exceptionally prepared maritime security operators.

Small Boat Operations & Tactics

Whether being involved in a night evolution consisting of dynamic VBSS or simply maneuvering around a pier, without the proper training failure is imminent and costly. We specialize in:

  • Personnel Transport
  • Basic Seamanship
  • Boat Formations
  • Littoral Patrolling
  • VBSS - (Visit, Board, Search, Seizure) Compliant, Non-Compliant and Opposed Boarding procedures!
  • GO/NOGO Criteria
  • Approach
  • Verbal Commands
  • Boarding (Clambering equipment, Personal Kit Configurations - do's & dont's)

Dynamic Waterborne Weapons Employment Protocol and Tactics

  1. Heavy weapon systems (.50 Cal M2HB, 7.62 M240, etc.)
  2. Engagement Formations
  3. Complex Fires Integration
  4. Immediate Action Drills