Program Management & Project Staffing

  1. Hiring
    • Identify Task Order compliant personnel
    • Authentication and verification of documentation
    • Security Clearance verification & Issue
    • Comprehensive background checks
    • Medical Screening
  2. Resident Training Staff
    • Selection & Assessment Process
    • Tactical Skills Assessment & Training
    • Develop & or provide Designated Training POI’s
      for contract compliance
  3. Resident Project Management Staff
    • Provide RFP/Proposal Prep
    • Provide comprehensive cost management, “know where your dollars are going.”
    • Project Schedule Development & Tracking
    • Payroll Administrations
    • Travel Administrations & Expenses Oversight
    • Track deliverables / Process daily activity reports and budget analysis
    • Security Clearance Management
    • Secure & Maintain Travel Visas
    • Equipment Issue & Storage
    • Deployment / Redeployment

Operational Enhancement

Threat Vulnerability Assessment

  1. Resident, experienced capability
  2. Identifies and documents sources of Danger
  3. Systems test, to locate, diagnose, and correct areas of weakness that might be   susceptible in times of crisis, attack, or destabilization
  4. Intelligence Preparation of the Business Space (IPBS) Assessment format.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

  1. We possess the resident capabilities to conduct the full scope of threat, vulnerability, criticality and risk assessments in conjunction with mission / infrastructure analysis to develop risk mitigation strategies for public and private sector entities.
  2. While CIP is not complicated, it is certainly complex, and a CIP professional must have a strong overall understanding of the  inter-dependencies, information sharing requirements, governance, and accountabilities within and among the ten (10) Canadian CIP sectors and eighteen (18) American sectors.
  3. There are unique threats, vulnerabilities and risks within the various sectors, as well as sector-specific safeguards, best practices and program considerations.
    •   CIP risk management model
    •  “All-Hazards” Approach
    •   Appropriate, cost-effective safeguards