Our proactive customer service philosophy allows us to provide a superior product to our clientele: government solutions, services for estates, multi-housing, commercial venues, event staffing, and technology recovery services. Our paradigm shift from the traditional to the modern has proven to be a resounding success with our clients. Our agents have extensive Special Operations military backgrounds or federal agency law enforcement experience and have served in high-threat environments around the world. At Peregrine we are re-defining what is expected of a security company.

Full Spectrum Capabilities

  1. Mobile Operations
    • Low-Profile Security Operations & Special Services Agent Training
    • High-Profile Personal Security Detail
    • High-Risk Transit
  2. Fixed Site Operations
    • Entrance Control points
    • Perimeter Overwatch
    • Monitors, Screeners & Linguists
    • EOD & Protection K-9
  3. Integrated Solutions
    • United nations, Public diplomacy, Civil Affairs & PRT’s
    • Host nation integration
      • Systems Technologies & Passive Infrastructure
    • Asymmetrical Operations Support
      • Intelligence and Analysis support
      • Austere Environment Autonomy

    Security Solutions