Core Competencies

Operational Enhancement:
Program Management & Project Staffing - Through the course of ‘recruitment processes outsourcing’ a Prime vendor can single-source manage staffing utilizing our assets to coordinate and manage their contract requirements. All or a percentage of the required manpower staffing needs can be managed, ensuring a secure time efficient ‘hire-to-deployment’ process. Our resident staff can handle up to a 300 Independent Contractor requirement.

Threat Vulnerabilities Assessments & Critical Infrastructure Protection - Brought to the business realm and government sector in the form of an Intelligence Preparation of the Business Space (IPBS) Assessment.This assessment allows our clients to intelligently maneuver through difficult and hostile operational terrain. The ability provided with the IPBS Assessment to move into previously uncharted territory that the competition has deemed too risky without them selves truly researching and charting that terrain gives your organization tremendous leverage when merging
into new markets.

Security Solutions:
Our proactive customer service philosophy allows us to provide a superior product to our clientele: government solutions, services for estates, multi-housing, commercial venues, event staffing, and technology recovery services. Our paradigm shift from the traditional to the modern has proven to be a resounding success with our clients. Our agents have extensive Special Operations military backgrounds or federal agency law enforcement experience and have served in high-threat environments around the world. At Peregrine we are re-defining what is expected of a security company.

Maritime Security Operations & Management:
Providing efficient and safe transportation on maritime lines of communication is a critically important factor for stability in world economic markets. Our mentors comprise certified ISPS Code and MTSA auditors, certified Ship, Company, and Port Facility Security Officers, and individuals recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as subject matter experts. Combating piracy encompasses taking into consideration the public image and reputation of our client, the safety and welfare of crew & staff, politico-legal risk, potential financial outcomes, the rule-of-law for perpetrators and humanitarian concerns. Our maritime security professionals undertake internationally recognized curriculums to ensure full compliance with maritime security regulatory guidelines.

       • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
       • Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA)
       • International Port and Ship Security Code (ISPS Code)

Austere Environment Medical Support Capability:
Quality medical services diminish hazards to staff on the austere jobsite. Safeguarding the health of the workforce is paramount in risk mitigation, even a simple car accident can become a catastrophic event in a third-world country where there will be a complete lack of medical infrastructures to support even the most basic of medical needs.

Education & Training Mentorship:
Anti-Terrorism / Counter-Terrorism Training & Curricula Development provided over 70 comprehensive course curriculums for governmental agencies, military Special Operations units, law enforcement institutions, private sector entities and our multinational partners. The uniqueness of your organization may require a specially designed course curricula this is our forte. The Mobile Training Team (MTT) concept is also a cornerstone of our service outreach to our customer base, especially to the military. Have your training coordinator contact our staff to work out any necessary details. Your unit’s strengths and weaknesses will be discussed and evaluated so as to come to the best possible solution in meeting your training requirements.

Our instructional programs are built in modular blocks to simplify the MTT process while accommodating distinctive customer requirements. We can leverage the full spectrum of corporate, commercial, and government sector assets to create an unparalleled training environment.

Facilities we utilize to train our Federal & State entity clientele:

  • 1,015 Acres +
  • 186+ Acre Lake & 2.4 mile river & streams
  •  Over 121+ Training Structures
  •  2,000+ Rooms
  •  1 - 5 Story Building
  •  1 - 4 Story Buildings
  •   20 - 3 Story Buildings
  •   16 - 2 Story Buildings
  •    6 Split Level Buildings
  •   14 Single Level buildings
  •    9 Buildings with basements
  •    1.5 miles of searchable tunnels
  •    All training structures are operational and fitted with functional equipment.