Value Proposition

The  prospective  influence  of  violence  for  any  Organization,   Entity,  or  Community  will  extend  well beyond the direct physical or psychological damages post event.    Failure on the part of: government, corporate,  non-profit  organizations,  communities,  etc. to adequately  plan, prepare  and respond  to the worlds current threat  environment  is not  an  equitable  option.    These  failures  are  expressed:  in loss of  life,   major  liability  awards,  swollen  insurance  premiums,  business  recovery  and  reconstruction costs, not to mention the long term psychological scars that are left on Individuals, their families and surrounding  communities.  Those responsible  for administrative  oversight  are hired to concentrate  and excel at executing their organizations  charter, not to provide or implement security off-the-cuff.

The depth of knowledge required to implement comprehensive security solutions requires extensive experience and a tremendous amount of  education  on  the  subject. Security  has  an immensely  diverse  set  of  facets  requiring  an  organization  many  times  to  outsource  several  of  the security  core  scopes  to ensure   that   best   practices   are   implemented    and   critical   threats   are properly  mitigated  through  cost effective reduction stratagems.

Why Peregrine?  Simply, our experience. We can maximize and blend the necessary security facets to provide realistic courses of action for developing the best practices and cost value propositions to your organization that are possible.

Collective Value -
Governmental Organizations (GO’s): We will not only take on the task of working with Internal Ministries to ensure that they can make the most of the economic opportunities at hand, we will make the organizational and operational recommendations  necessary  to  ensure that  they can support the assumed requirements of multinational partners.

  • Anti-Terrorism

Non-Governmental  Organizations (NGO’s): Whether Operationallyor Advocacy oriented in nature, we can assist public and private  oriented  Operational NGO agencies with charter execution whether they stress remote service delivery or active local participation. In addition, we can help Advocacy oriented NGO’s define, defend or promote specific causes.

  • Fraud and Internal Thefts

Humanitarian  Aid  Organization: Organizational   charters   for  these  entities   are  usually   focused on providing  material  or logistical  assistance  for humanitarian  reasons,  usually  in response  to a defined  event  or  crises.  We  not  only  provide  immediate  on-the-ground  support  to  execute  the task at hand, but the logistical expertise required to execute effectively.

  • Disaster recovery

Developmental   Aid   Organization:   This   type   of   assistance   is   usually   given   by   governmental and economic    agencies    to   support    the   economic,    social    and   political    development     of developing  countries.  We  not  only  provide  security  augmentation  staff,  but  also  assistance  with bringing potential aid contributions  together with existing commercial interests.

  • Risk Analysis
  • Physical Site Security Surveys

Private Clients: Many  of our  clients  come  to us with  economic  leverage  issues.  As  part  of their local  initiative,   they  need  to  create  infrastructural   elements   better  left  to  local  governmental institutions  for  longer-term   management   and  operational   support.  We  not  only  help  draft  the original  development plans, but the eventual turnover plans as well.

  • Premises Liability
  • Crime Prevention